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While baking my heart
with your bundled warmth,
pouring you into
the willing contours of my body
and smelling your night’s mouth
deliciously foul,
I began consisting of you
and let fatherhood
seep in slowly
like a summer evening’s smell.

When I kissed your knuckle’s folds,
sipped your cold toes,
tossed promises into the fire of your cries
or turned ugly
to earn your expensive smiles,
I made you into a tiny bit of myself,
a limb,
inseparably unattached,
to the craving, expansionist borders
of my body.

While the world was busy
celebrating the mothers
I made you my crown,
my trophy,
putting together…

The endless wait out of the pandemic

I wait to tie my lace
Share breaths with someone
Drive to a mart, fill a real cart
Loaded with eggs
And my girl’s laughing legs
I wait to breach the front door
And get on the bloody road
Show my face underneath
Make the distance ‘social’ again
And hug someone I don’t live with.

I am done with the numbers
Dancing on the hills and the bars
The guilty comfort with death
The tiring waits for hope
Talks of life, sermons on health
The grocery at the door
Smells of perfumed alcohol
The Amazons on the floor
The moving shadows…

Dog! I will drink your blood.

If you are as antique as me or worse, you must have watched countless movies of the 70s and the 80s where Bollywood’s Veeru Paaji a.k.a. Dharmendra had repeatedly professed his eternal love for the blood of the canines. If Shahrukh couldn’t do without spreading his arms, if Salman couldn’t without removing his shirt, our Dharmu couldn’t be in a movie without saying, ‘Kutte, kameene, main tera khoon pee jaunga!’ There is a certain nasal technique to this dialog which I remember practicing so many times to get it just right. Why? …

Image by Vânia Raposo from Pixabay

(This poem is written by my thirteen year old son Aekansh on the Mother’s Day)

Dear Mother,
The things that I haven’t told you till today
About how I felt along the way
For the love you gave me and for the hard work you’ve done,
Here’s appreciation from your son.

My sweet mom, you are the best in the world
I will always love you, I give you my word
You took care of me since I was born
For you, fame and respect I will earn.

I have given you months of pain
But my cries you have always…

Image by Mabel Amber, Messianic Mystery Guest from Pixabay

I often think about him at night.

In its magical silence, when you hear the sound of your own breath and feel its warmth on your arm, when you are intimately aware of your beating heart, your blood vessels throbbing in your temple or the subtle movement of hair on your skin, you think about things you don’t do ordinarily. The blob of silence cuts you off from the world outside so that you are all by yourself, more aware of your own presence than you ever have been.

In these moments, sometimes, I find it difficult to believe that…

Image by Photo Mix from Pixabay

As I sit in my cool cabin under a puddle of light from a meek table lamp, a few early gifts by my side, outside a predicted rain merrily jumps off a white corrugated roofing sheet, needlessly smoking and clearing my window pane, its hiss offering background score to the constant Whatsapp-Facebook beeps. I check out a few messages, but quickly lose track, lost in the complex Zuckerbergian world of taggings, comments, replies, timeline posts and individual messages.

It’s the Teachers’ Day, they remind me again on a distracting day of tense US Open. It’s the day to appear in…

Practical tips for making the most of your Instagram ad money

Image by Webster2703 from Pixabay

I wish to keep this post short and no-nonsense so that you quickly get to know what you need to know. Please note that this is not a generic how-to-run-Instagram-page type post. It’s specific about promoting your page, which you eventually might have to do if you wish get a lot of followers.

However, the question is for how much? How do I reduce spending?

A little about the page

I am an MBA, a University Professor and regular blogger. The page I run is on travel and tourism, and loosely about culture too. I curate photographs shot in Odisha, an eastern Indian state to…

Image by pasja1000 from Pixabay

Last Diwali, I and my wife found ourselves vigorously arguing about whether or not to ‘upgrade’ a particular thing in the house.

The grinder should have been the most qualified. It’s the only surviving appliance from our marriage days, its white plastic body drunk on all manner of pastes and fumes, now a dirty shade of ivory. However, we didn’t have to replace it because an unusually generous Reliance retail gifted us a new one for buying three shirts and a few womanly stuff from their store.

Nopes, it’s not the TV either, because I already have the cheapest 55-inch…

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

Years back, at a hill station in India, my maternal uncle who was then a military doctor, mildly chided a girl, asking her to stick to the queue instead. People gaped at him, shocked, thinking what hole this plump, mustachioed gentleman just emerged from. Because the girl — if age isn’t messing up my memory — was Juhi Chawla, the effervescent, curly-haired actress, then a rising Bollywood star, who had given runway hits like the Quayamat se Quayamat tak (even though with a gut-sickening climax) and Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke. She was the darling of millions, with a baby-like…

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Every time I watch a Hollywood movie, I am reminded of how necessary it is for the makers to drop in a few black people. Doesn’t matter if the insertion of the characters looks deliberate or even forced — sometimes there is just one character whose only purpose is to maintain a semblance of ‘diversity’. If the lead actors aren’t black, let’s find a black jailer, a black policewoman, a black lawyer, a black-somebody!

America is predominantly white (more than 72% of the population), and it should have been okay with run a series or a movie entirely with white…


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